I have little doubt that those who write in the Jewish papers who are critics of Governor Cuomo will be out in force in their denunciations of the new regulations, claiming anti-Semitism. My question to them is: What would you have done if you were in the governor’s shoes?

Years ago, when my family was up in the country for the summer, my favorite weekend was Labor Day weekend. Most people left for the city, and the weather started to get a little cooler. After we gave up the bungalow, I would take vacations in August with members of my family. There were also summer concerts. Thus, when Rosh Hashanah came, I was in a good mood. It was easy to celebrate Yom Tov.

Someone mentioned in shul that this Rosh Hashanah is one you’ll be able to tell your children or grandchildren about. It has been a unique experience sitting and davening with a mask on while social distancing. Some people had minyanim in tents or in community drives. I’d never heard so many shofars being blown in the afternoon for people who were unable to attend services due to health risks. However, the circumstances that caused it, namely COVID-19, is something I wish had never happened, and hopefully will never happen again. 

Since I previously commented on the Democratic National Convention, in the interest of equal time, I will focus on the Republican National Convention, akas the Trump Family Hour. I have little doubt that those Trumpians who last week trashed the DNC will gush lavish praise on the Republican convention. To paraphrase CNN commentator Van Jones, if you are Trump supporter you wanted to throw things at the TV watching the DNC, and the reverse if you are a Biden supporter. The feelings are totally different when it is your own party’s convention.