The transition into spring coincides with an exciting time at Central, which includes Purim, Pesach, Senior Seminar, and all of the high-energy programming marking the months leading to the school year’s end. Students look forward to Purim, in particular, and Central celebrated with festivities throughout the entire month of Adar.

Last week, the school combined fun with chesed in hosting this year’s Disney-themed Yachad carnival, held for the benefit of students from Ivdu Elementary School for Girls. Seniors spent the week before Purim celebrating with themed dress-up days, including “dress like a celebrity” day and, most notably, “dress like a teacher” day – excellent preludes to this week’s parade of fashion. Central students have always embraced the traditional Purim custom of costumes, with many students planning their outfits for dress-up days months in advance.

On Wednesday, March 8, the school featured a special Shushan Purim schedule, and a flood of aliens, angels, cows, one giant shark, an enormous T-rex, one walking Twizzler, Bob the Builder, Morticia Addams, the entire cast of the 1985 movie Clue, and one student riding to classes atop a giant inflatable flamingo came to celebrate. The day’s highlights included a chagigah with Azamra DJ, a senior game of panoply, and, of course, Central’s legendary Purim shpiels, featuring a senior-made production exploring life at Central (notable points: Central trivia, including pressing questions like “How many times has Ms. Konzack’s class fish been replaced?” and “Name That Famous Past Central Faculty”), as well as a faculty versus students generation game, during which it was revealed that a shocking number of Central students know all the lyrics to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” As always, the events were a hit.

Freshman Michal Heimowitz said, “The Purim Shpiel was so fun to watch. I loved watching the teacher versus student showdown, too.” And it doesn’t stop there – upcoming events include the junior Shabbaton, the spring musical, field trips, and much more.