Bnos Malka Academy seventh graders study Life Science throughout the year. This year, The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) offered an engaging workshop to bring a hands-on and relatable module on genetics to the students at Bnos Malka. The school was honored to have Mr. Jason Cury, Mr. Phil Brazil, Mrs. Faigy Ravitz, and the CIJE STEM mentor, Mrs. Yafa Lamm in attendance for the presentation. Bnos Malka was especially honored to host CIJE board member, Dr. Evelyn Lipper.

The workshop, led by CIJE mentor Rabbi Heshy Weider, began with an understanding of DNA and the fundamentals of genetics. After learning the science behind genetics, students engaged in the scientific process by using their cheek cells to extract their DNA to actually visualize the development of the double helix and even create a keepsake necklace with it.

Students left the workshop with a deeper understanding of the importance of genetic testing and of the impact that their genome has on their past, present, and future. Bnos Malka is grateful for the CIJE STEM program that gives its students opportunities in Robotics, Science, and Technology.