For some, New Year's Day is just another day off from work, but for the fathers of Yeshiva Tiferet Tzion (YTT), it is a day to spend precious time with their sons in yeshivah! On Sunday, January 1, the fathers of YTT talmidim arrived shortly after 10 a.m. to a warm welcome from the hanhalas hayeshivah. As their fathers enjoyed light refreshments, the YTT bochurim made their way to the beit hamedrash, g'morahs, notes, and learning packets in hand. Within minutes, the kol Torah of fathers and sons learning g'morah, Rashi, Tosfot, and other mefarshim permeated the walls of the spacious beit hamedrash. It was truly a sight to behold. Rabbi Moshe Lehmann, ninth-grade rebbe, delivered a shiur and recap of the learning. This was followed by words of chizuk from HaRav Ilan Meirov, the guest speaker.

Twelve bochurim proceeded to make a Siyum Mesechet on various masechtot at the start of a gourmet lunch for the assemblage! Fathers, sons, and rebbeim broke out into spirited dancing, celebrating the tremendous milestone. The event was capped off with words of encouragement from Rabbi Moshe Aharonov, menahel, who urged the fathers to continue supporting their sons in their learning and growth.

May the entire community be zocheh to enjoy the bright futures of the YTT students.