Yeshiva Sha'arei Zion is a school where young inquisitive minds are challenged in ways that are motivating and uplifting.

November was officially titled Multiplication Month, and was filled with challenges to get the younger and older grades engaged in their mathematics. As the weeks progressed, children were seen walking through the yeshivah halls testing each other's math abilities and agility. The young boys and girls returned home and begged their parents to see how much they had gained. The concept was an uplifting experience across the school, uniting the student body in a positive learning experience.

As the excitement built, the hallways were "buzzing" with excitement and decorated in yellow and black. The days of the challenges could not come quickly enough for the young "buzzing" minds of YSZ. Finally, the students were able to demonstrate their prowess in mathematics, ultimately crowning math champions in grades 3 to 8. The younger children participated in a classical "bee," while the older children competed in a math jeopardy game that even left some teachers scratching their heads!