Humanity cries out

In anger and pain:

Russia’s gone too far

In re-taking the Ukraine.

Too bad, that same humanity

Had nothing to say

As 10,000 Jews

Were being gassed each day!

Many Jews have joined

The unanimous refrain;

Guess everyone’s forgotten

The killing fields of Ukraine.


Ukraine pogroms

From 1918-1921

Paved the way for genocide

Before the Shoah had begun.

At about 500 different sites

In that land,

Over 100,000 Jews were slaughtered

By popular demand.


The pogroms were public,

Participatory, and ritualized,

By all fronts Ukrainian


Scenes of torture and murder

Were carnivalesque,

Drunken singing and dancing,

Violent savagery, grotesque

Friends and neighbors, the army

All betrayed the Jews.

Declaration of the

Ukrainian People’s Republic

Supplied another excuse.


February 15, 1919,

In Proskuriv,

A Bolshevik uprising was stopped.

In the massacres that ensued,

Ukraine’s fine record was topped,

As Ukrainian troops crushed the Bolsheviks,

Regaining national power;

1,000 Jews were massacred

In the course of four hours.


Till the Holocaust,

Persecution in Germany

Was relatively rare;

But Nazis arriving in Ukraine

Found a killing ground there,

The unimaginable

Was already reality,

Ukrainian culture established

A heritage of atrocities.


The Nazis had helpers

In their nefarious campaign,

At the 1941 mass murder

In Babi Yar, Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of Jews

Who had managed to survive

Were forced to dig their own graves

And were buried alive.

Imagine the soil churning

As they struggled to breathe,

Like the blood of Zechariah

It continues to seethe.


Statues and street names

Of officials

Who helped the Nazis, still stand.

Ethnic cleansing was a service

Done for their motherland;


Vladimir Putin, who’s no saint,

Has Ukraine in his sights.

Wants to re-string

Russia’s necklace

Of satellites.

Hashem may have given

Putin this plan

To divert Russia’s interests

From Syria and Iran;

The borders of the world

Fluctuate by G-d’s word,

For Israel’s destiny

All victory, lost or conferred.


Please have rachamim, Hashem,

Lead Your exiles to freedom

From the corpse-filled nations,

From the wine-press of Edom.

 By Sharon Marcus

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