To kick off the year, HANC High School held its annual opening ceremony and back-to-school Senate event. Seniors, freshmen, and new faculty were introduced to the student body with warm welcomes. Prior to the ceremony, the class of 2023 received their senior shirts and then made their grand entrance into the auditorium with ruach and excitement. A first at the ceremony was the parade of departments down the aisle, props in hand, celebrating the new academic year.

Students had the opportunity to hear from Rabbi Slomnicki, who in his multi-media presentation discussed student commitment to academics, extracurricular activities, and to their personal lives.

The student body also heard from the Student Senate co-presidents, Oriel Atias and Lea Bassali, who each addressed the students and informed them of the many exciting ideas and events that the Senate has in store this coming school year.

HANC students were treated to a pizza lunch and a dessert buffet of Rita’s Italian Ices and popcorn organized by the Student Senate. It was so nice to see everyone again after the summer vacation. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.