This Thursday, Yeshiva Tiferet Tzion celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2022! It was an emotional evening filled with much happiness, joy, and love.

At the diploma ceremony, every graduate received an antique leather-bound siddur, embossed with their name and class of ’22 logo. In addition to their New York State Diplomas, each bachur was also awarded a certificate of excellence in areas such as Limud HaTorah, T’filah, Chesed, Loyalty, and more.

Every parent shined with such true pride in their son, not only for completing high school, but for HOW they have completed it and how much they have grown and matured in the true path of Torah and Yir’as Shamayim.

Each graduate had the opportunity to share a d’var Torah and their personal thoughts and reflections from the past four years together, along with their hopes for the future.

They all expressed their love and appreciation to Hashem, their parents, rebbeim, and teachers, each in their own way.

Yakov Baybachayev compared the rebbeim’s care and dedication to a talented gardener “who sacrifices much time and knows how much water and care each plant needs, so do our rebbeim sacrifice themselves and their families for us... In our yeshivah, every boy receives the proper amount of attention and care as well.”

David Davydov spoke about the importance of having emunah and being patient when waiting for results. He spoke at great length of his gratitude to the staff, and was thankful to Rabbi Aharonov for “being the foundation of the yeshivah – and proud to call you my rebbe.”

Michael Gavrielov expressed how “from day one, the rebbe built him to be the best bachur, husband, and father. Rebbe, you never gave up on me. I love you and thank you.”

Zeyev Shimunov related the famous story of Rav Preida and how he would teach the Gemara over 400 times to one of his students that had a difficult time learning. He thanked the rebbeim and staff “for helping us with such patience and in every way possible.”

Many bachurim recalled the absolute dedication and response that the rebbeim and secular staff displayed with remote learning during COVID and how their rebbe at the time, Rabbi Feinroth, actually came in person to each bachur’s home before Shavuos just to say hello and bring each one a cheesecake!

The evening closed with a lavish buffet of fine delicacies, but not before the Menahel, Rabbi Aharonov, thanked the supporters of the yeshivah and how they are literally building and shaping the future of the community. He also continued to implore the parents to support the graduates on their next endeavor and made sure to remind the graduates that “this, tonight, is not the end of our relationship. These past years have simply been the foundation for a lifelong relationship – as part of the YTT family.”