Bnos Malka middle school had the amazing z’chus to hear from a farmer who is currently keeping Sh’mitah. Avichai Koch and his wife Keren shared with the girls the amazing experience of being farmers in Eretz Yisrael. The farm, which produces organic vegetables, is on a moshav right next to Gaza. Through great courage and m’siras nefesh, Mr. Koch left his career in hi-tech to work the land and develop his deep “roots” to Eretz HaK’doshah.

This is the second cycle of Sh’mitah they will observe. Seven years ago, their son, who was going to be bar mitzvah, asked that they keep Sh’mitah. Through great emunah and m’siras nefesh they started. As Mr. Koch said, it was the most amazing decision he ever made. Observing Sh’mitah has strengthened his emunah and his connection with am Yisrael. Before leaving, he gave the girls a beautiful brachah. The girls were left incredibly inspired and uplifted.