Last Monday, YTM boys in grades 5-8 met and heard from Amichai Koch, a shomer-Sh’mitah farmer from Eretz Yisrael. The boys heard about the farmer’s experience during Sh’mitah of seven years ago and the special siyata diShmaya and brachah that he has experienced during the last six years. Amichai mentioned that before this Rosh Hashanah he harvested a pumpkin crop that produced twice the yield that was scientifically expected from the seeds. The boys heard about the m’siras nefesh of a Jew who must keep a mitzvah that for most of us is entirely theoretical, but for him and his family is a total disruption of their income once every seven years. Mr. Koch thanked Keren HaSh’viis for the assistance that they provide to help the shomrei Sh’viis, helping them throughout the year.