IVDU 5 Towns was excited to have a special Rosh Chodesh smoothie breakfast, highlighting the “blending” of all students together. Chodesh Iyar and the days of Sefiras HaOmer leading to Lag BaOmer, focus on the ideals of midos bein adam lchavero and interpersonal skills. Learning at IVDU 5 Towns has been focused on the importance of positive relationships amongst peers, including how we speak to friends and working cooperatively together.

The special Rosh Chodesh breakfast reinforced the concept of blending together, as the students picked out their preferred fruits and watched them blend into a cohesive delicious drink. Mrs. Leah Rivka Karr’s students put on a well-rehearsed skit for the other classes, showcasing the good midos and character traits that students can practice utilizing with their peers.