Shevach’s “Reconnect” technology committee has been working hard throughout the year on raising the awareness of the importance of safe technology usage. Spearheaded by Shevach Menaheles Mrs. Shulamith Insel, and headed by Mrs. Chaya Swerdloff, the students have made great strides in this area.

During the month of March, the “Recconnect” committee ran an incredible and inspiring technology event. The program opened with a delicious and beautiful dessert buffet, befitting a very special affair. Kudos to senior technology heads Sophia Ben Baruch, Chaya Shalva Boiangiu, Ahuva Grossman, Rochel Morgenstern, and Pesha Winter for setting an uplifting tone for the morning.

The students were then treated to a special guest speaker, Mrs. Esti Buskila, a teacher in TAG High School and a head of its iChoose Technology program. Mrs. Buskila spoke about the history of technology, and how Big Tech purposely designed their apps and websites in a way that keeps one hooked on them. She then quoted Rav Chaim Friedlander, who explained that there is a part of us that will always remain untouched: our neshamah. Therefore, even if one has developed undesirable habits, control over Big Tech is in one’s hands. Mrs. Buskila emphasized that “you are not the problem; you are the solution.”

 Following the inspiring speech, the committee presented an original video where both students and teachers shared insights on Reconnect’s general program and on technology at large.

Mrs. Swerdloff then ran a game in which she stated different scenarios, and the girls raised a card stating whether they would either text, call, email, or write a letter in each situation. Afterwards, teachers and students headed to assigned workshops. Each group discussed the various technology scenarios and whether it ever happened to them, could happen to them, or if they could see it happening to someone else.

The students took away strong messages from this day. In the words of the girls, “It really solidified what the technology program has been doing this year.” “The event was super well done; it was gorgeous inside and out. We learned a lot and it was also set up really nicely!” And “We can’t wait to see what other amazing surprises ‘Reconnect’ has in store!!”