The children at HALB’s Lev Chana Early Childhood Center had an amazing time as they used all their senses to experience first-hand the mitzvah and hard work involved in making Matzah Shmurah. The children learned that shmurah means to watch and take care that the wheat remains dry throughout the growing and making process.

Reb Michoel of Tzivos Hashem and his helpers instructed students how to separate the wheat seeds from the stalk, blow away the pieces of chaff, and ground the seeds into flour. Then, the special 18-minute clock was set. The students all shouted “l’sheim matzas mitzvah” and watched as the kemach (flour) and mayim (water) were poured into a bowl and mixed by Reb Michoel. A piece of dough was given to all the children, who kneaded and then quickly flattened and “combed” the dough with spiky rollers to keep the dough from rising. With the clock ticking away, the children carried their dough on rolling pins to the special matzah oven. Seconds later, the delicious aroma of baking matzah filled the air and it was ready.

Yum! Everyone was excited to eat their delicious handmade matzah for lunch, and they even got to take home their very own Kosher L’Pesach matzah shmurah. A fantastic educational program was enjoyed by all. Chag Kasher V’Samei’ach!