Last Tuesday, grades 4 – 6 at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe were treated to an enthralling  journey of how a set of helter-skelter hand-written notes evolved into a published book by our fascinating guest speaker Mrs. Shaindel Simes, author of the newly released book Rolling Rabbi.

In a delightful talk and slide presentation, Mrs. Simes held the boys spellbound as she traced each step she took to get her book written and published. They listened as Mrs. Simes related how many times her manuscript was edited and revamped only to be edited and revamped again and again until a final edition was created. This journey brought to real life the writing process the boys  have learned to use in class. The boys realized editing is not for naught, but a very real process used by writers the world over. As the boys left the lunchroom to return to their classes, many of them crowded around Mrs. Simes for her autograph. Even a student of Rabbi Simes, z”l from the days he was a rebbe at YTM, received an autographed copy of the Rolling Rabbi.  It was a fantastic learning experience for all.