Seniors enjoyed a jam-packed second week of Senior Seminar. This week’s speakers included Mrs. Danielle Sudwertz, Shalom Task Force, and Mrs. Aliza Blumenthal. On Thursday, our seniors headed out to the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates for a special “TVIEW-Panel” on women’s health and intimacy in halachah. Students heard from Dr. Elana Kastner, OBGYN, Mrs. Rachel Hercman, psychotherapist, and Mrs. Nechama Price, professor at Stern College and Director of GPATs. Back in school, our seniors were engaged in activities galore, first aid, and CPR training with Mr. Marc Zahrnest and Super-Senior Panoply run by Mrs. Rebecca Teper!

Our students also continued learning in their chosen Senior Scholars classes. “Adulting” this week included a Hashkafah and Jewish Communities Panel, with Mrs. Audi Hecht, Ms. Bracha Rutner, and Mrs. Meira Winter, a presentation about OU-JLIC on college campuses by Rabbi Shalom Axelrod of the Young Israel of Woodmere, and a session on cyber safety with Mrs. Marci Karoll. The week ended with Zoom Friday, where our seniors learned together with their teachers and joined in a Zoom program entitled “Check Up from the Neck Up: A Teen Mental Health Workshop” run by Dr. Rachel Goodman.