Like all high schools, Ezra Academy just finished their rigorous midterms. With understanding the intensity of this time period, the school decided to help the students prepare a little differently. To create a calmer, less stressed midterm atmosphere, the school hosted a m’laveh malkah for the students.

On Motza’ei Shabbos, January 8, the students and their teachers all came to school for an enjoyable evening. The night began with some pizza, soda, and hanging out. This was followed by a magic show by Yechiel Ungar. His card tricks were simply mind-blowing and had everyone enthralled throughout the show. After the magician disappeared, the evening shifted gears, and everyone prepared for a kumsitz. Sruli Prero led us in beautiful nigunim and shared some words of chizuk and inspiration.

To continue building on this energy, Rabbi Geller held a small Shabbaton in the middle of midterms. He invited the senior boys who attend his kollel program, as well as a handful of alumni along with two married alumni with their wives. Rabbi Fink, one of the other rebbeim in school, also attended with his family. The Shabbaton was held in Toms River, New Jersey, and was hosted by one of the members of the Traveling Chasidim, Naftali Felfelkorn.

Over the course of Shabbos, all of the boys (including Srule Geller) shared divrei Torah. We would like to thank Rabbi and Mrs. Rotberg for hosting the oneg, and Mr. and Mrs. Devor for hosting the m’laveh malkah where Rabbi Freilich, the school’s Dean, joined us.