Parenting a family of kids when they are all home from school can be quite challenging. Providing them with kosher entertainment in today’s day and age may prove to be even more difficult.

In an effort to provide kosher entertainment for families and in the spirit of Chanukah, Chazaq partnered with Suki and Ding to have a circus show during Chanukah, close by in Citi Field. The show featured all-male performers, including acrobats, jugglers, motocross bikers, trapeze artists, the Vazquez Troupe, and world-famous clown Bello.

There was also a special performance by the New York Boys Choir, as well as kosher popcorn, snow cones, and nachos for sale. From the looks and sounds of it, everyone had a great time. Rivkah Goldstein attended the circus with her kids, saying that her kids had an amazing time attending their first-ever circus show and were especially amazed by the motorcycle tricks and dog tricks.

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