Sunday, August 29, was a meaningful and inspirational day for graduates at the Bnos Malka Academy. There was a culminating brunch and video premiere for the program Names, Not Numbers©: an interactive, multi-media Holocaust project created by educator Tova Fish-Rosenberg.

The brunch facilitated beautiful intergenerational connections where students, the interviewers, and their families, sat with survivors, the interviewees. Together they watched the documentary, created by the students. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, students at Bnos Malka took the necessary steps to create this incredible masterpiece. They learned about the Holocaust with their teacher, Ms. Atara Kanner, and created a professional film that will be archived in museums and universities.

Having the opportunity to connect to past generations and perpetuate their memory is something that these students will never forget. The lessons learned of emunah, bitachon, and hope will stay with them for many years to come. The Names, Not Numbers© program is generously supported by a prominent national foundation.