This week, the Mix-It-Up Anti-Bullying Club members at the Yeshiva of Central Queens gave lessons to the elementary school students. The first, second, and third graders were read stories about bullying. They then answered questions about the stories and about bullying. The fourth and fifth grades were shown a PowerPoint presentation about bullying, along with a video and song related to bullying. After viewing the PowerPoint and a discussion, the fourth and fifth grade students wrote their thoughts on two anti-bullying quotes that will be displayed in the junior high school building as a reminder.

Including the younger students in anti-bullying programs early on should help to reduce any incidents. A strong focus on the steps to take when bullying occurs, as well as ongoing education for students, teachers, and parents will greatly reduce bullying situations. While this aggressive behavior has increased with one in three students claiming to have been bullied nationwide, according to the YouthTruth Student Survey, YCQ is taking steps to reduce and remove from our Yeshiva through understanding and education. The Mix-It-Up Anti-Bullying Club will continue educating students as the first defense to making our school environment a safe and fun place to learn.

When students were asked, they all enjoyed the program and learned a lot from it. The Mix-It-Up Anti-Bullying Club will continue to include the elementary school in their programs.

By Sarit Adler (grade 6)