On May 21-23, MTA hosted an unforgettable Shabbaton for the Sophomore and Junior grades at Camp Dora Golding. The event featured an exciting array of activities, including sports, games, hikes, shiurim, and chaburos, barbecues, bonfires, and an all-night basketball tournament. Talmidim truly enjoyed this special opportunity to bond with their friends and rebbeim. “One of our main goals for this exciting Shabbaton was enabling our talmidim to be present while they were with each other,” said Director of Student Activities Rabbi Danny Konigsberg.

“In order to make sure that happened, we asked all talmidim to hand in their phones at the beginning of the trip, which allowed them to spend undistracted time with their grade and their rebbeim. The atmosphere was truly so positive, warm, and energetic, as everyone came together with unparalleled achdus.”`