The middle school was privileged to hear from renowned speaker Mrs. Toba Shifrin this week on the topic of Tz’nius. Mrs. Shifrin explained the concept of Tz’nius in a whole new way, and the girls walked away so inspired and uplifted. A tremendous thank you to the PA, and the Schwartz, Freedman, and Pinkhasov families for sponsoring this event!

Each one of our students is a true bas melech, and our school has been transformed into a palace, the home of our princesses. During these weeks of S’firas HaOmer, the entire Bnos Malka is working on improving our tz’nius, both in dress and behavior. Each week, the students watch a skit on video that describes what aspect of tz’nius we are working on that week. A tremendous thank you to our G.O. girls, and the eighth grade heads of this program for such wonderful acting!

The girls have been handing in cards that they fill out, explaining how they acted, dressed, and walked with tz’nius. Many of our middle school girls have already taken on kabalos to improve their tz’nius. We are so proud of each and every girl for truly trying to improve in this area! Yasher Koach!

By Mrs. Perel Rauch