A group of MTA Engineering and Computer Science students took part in Yeshiva University’s Hackathon competition, working through the night to design and create projects that fit into the theme of this year’s event: Education. They were hard at work from 10:00 p.m. on Motza’ei Shabbos, May 1, through the following afternoon, when all projects were submitted and judging began. More than just a learning experience, the event sparked camaraderie and teamwork among the group, who bonded over burgers and a shared purpose late into the night.

The students formed two main teams, with Juniors Raphi Spoerri, Eitan Brown, Avi Fried, and Tani Glaser on Team 1, and Juniors Jack Warren and Noam Ben Simon on Team 2. Students worked mostly independently; however, if help was ever needed, faculty members Ms. Elana Rosengard and Mr. Benny Jacob were there to provide support.

Eitan Brown, who worked with his team to design an RFID scanner that signs users in to all necessary school accounts and sites, raved about the experience, stating that “it was great being able to do everything on our own – from soldering to cutting, coding, and wiring – all while hanging out with friends.”

Team 2’s project was named as a finalist in the competition. The event was a true learning experience for the students, which also brought them closer together as friends.

 By Noam Ben Simon ’22