MTA’s stellar educational experience is built upon a solid foundation, whose cornerstone is Torah learning. Torah is not just limited to shiur. MTA talmidim have an incredible variety of learning programs that they take advantage of throughout each and every day. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look and see what the buzz is about! A typical morning begins before Shacharis. When talmidim arrive at yeshivah early, many of them choose to learn in the Beis Midrash before davening – whether in chavrusos or at a pre-Shacharis iyun t’filah chaburah led by Head of School Rabbi Kahn. During breakfast, talmidim can learn in chaburos led by their peers, providing not only additional time to learn, but also opportunities for talmidim to take on leadership roles.

The Beis Midrash is always filled with the beautiful sounds of learning, which permeate the entire campus. Throughout the morning, rebbeim take their shiurim to the Beis Midrash, where they learn in lively chavrusos. During lunch and free periods, talmidim can be found learning in optional chaburos or have chavrusos with their current rebbe or one of their r`ebbeim from a previous year.

The learning doesn’t stop when the day or even the week ends. Talmidim can be found learning until 10:00 p.m. and beyond during Night Seder. On Fridays, when yeshivah is not in session, talmidim join Friday morning Shacharis and Shiur hosted by MTA in local communities. On Sundays, talmidim have the chance to expand their religious and spiritual growth by engaging in special musar “schmoozes” with Yeshiva University and MTA rebbeim, and the Yeshiva Fellowship program offers Sunday morning chaburos with YU roshei yeshivah. All of these amazing opportunities enable talmidim to reach higher levels of learning than they ever thought possible, and show them how to make time for Torah in their daily lives.