September 11 is a day of infamy and filled with grief. On this tragic day, The World Trade Center was crashed into by hijacked airplanes, an airplane taken hostage had crashed into the Pentagon, and the heroic passengers of Flight 93 fought their hijackers over Pennsylvania. HANC, a Long Island yeshivah, was honored to host guest speaker Ben Diamond, a volunteer EMT who portrayed his emotional, heroic story for the students, in a riveting program honoring the fallen.

Each listener was left stunned by Benjamin’s actions. Ben was just 19 years old on that fateful day, but that did not stop him from doing his job as a first responder. When that life-altering dispatched phone call was made, emergency personnel thought that the crash was an accident. Little did they know it would be America’s worst terrorist attack, and a day that will not be forgotten. Ben got stuck in an ambulance that was being crushed by debris. He was trapped with patients who needed oxygen and required immediate help. As a first responder, he needed to prioritize the injuries, treating multiple victims simultaneously. The actions Ben Diamond and other heroes took that day are directly responsible for saving many people – the lives of neither of which will ever be the same.

September 11 has permanently altered the face of this nation. And we will never forget.