MTA’s Shavuos programming provided a much-needed opportunity for talmidim, parents, alumni, and rebbeim to learn together and prepare for Yom Tov. The yeshivah hosted an exciting Tikun Leil Erev Shavuos learning program from Wednesday night, May 27, through 2:00 am on Thursday, May 28.

The program featured guest speaker Rabbi Doniel Kalish, Menahel, Mesivta of Waterbury; shiurim with MTA rebbeim; chaburahs led by MTA Seniors; chavrusa learning in breakout rooms; make your own ice cream sundaes; raffles; and so much more. “During this time when we can’t learn in shul on Leil Shavuos, it was particularly important for us to enable our talmidim, their families, and our alumni to learn together on Erev Shavuos and set the tone for a meaningful Yom Tov,” said Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “It was so inspiring to watch our talmidim and alumni learn together with their parents and rebbeim and to see the enthusiasm and excitement that everyone had throughout the entire night.”

MTA also released a special Shavuos edition of its Torah publication, Shema Koleinu, featuring divrei Torah from talmidim, rebbeim, and alumni, as well as a section of at-home learning to help readers engage in source-based, beis midrash-style learning at home on Leil Shavuos.