The sixth and seventh graders of the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens eagerly anticipated the annual science fair to share and display their scientific explorations with their families. Parents and teachers packed the school and were extremely impressed with the girls’ work as they circulated throughout the gym and cafeteria to hear each girl articulate about the scientific process and research. The show boards were works of art as much as they were scientific journeys. The project topics were so varied, and included topics such as how much weight egg shells can hold, building architecture, wind resistance, and buoyancy. The girls shared their questions, hypotheses, research, and experiment results. Although all the girls were stars in every sense, the judges had to choose the most outstanding explorations. Mazal tov and hatzlachah to the winners, who will, b’ezras Hashem, represent Bais Yaakov of Queens and compete in the Inter-Yeshiva Science Congress in the spring.