There was pink everywhere at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls on Pink Day, Wednesday, February 12!

Sharsheret Pink Day is a worldwide initiative by students to raise awareness about breast cancer and cancer genetics. Pink Day at SKA was celebrated with doughnuts, raffles, wristbands, pink lemonade, and even pink manicures. The color pink dominated the clothing and walls in the school.

SKA students were honored to hear from a breast cancer survivor who shared her incredible story of survival. She delivered an open and honest account of how she dealt with her diagnosis and how the Sharsheret organization, I-Shine, and her community supported her and her family throughout her ordeal. Her inspirational words made Pink Day at SKA very meaningful.

SKA’s Pink Day highlighted the need for awareness and education, as Ashkenazic Jews are ten times more at risk for hereditary cancers than the general population. Yasher koach to faculty member Dr. Neera Kimmel, who also volunteers for Sharsheret, and her hardworking Pink Day committee members for organizing such a successful event.