This past Monday, HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center conducted bus safety sessions for our four-year-old Nursery and Kindergarten children. In cooperation with, and with the assistance of, Michael Sperber of Independent Bus Company, a big yellow school bus, driven by Bus Driver Brenda, arrived and parked in front of the preschool.

Each class boarded the bus with their teachers and went over bus safety rules, e.g., why we sit belted in the front half of the bus, why we speak to your friend using your indoor voices, why we don’t eat or drink on the bus, and why we don’t stand, walk, jump, or do somersaults.

The children themselves provided reasons for the safety rules. When asked who was in charge of the bus, everyone responded, “The driver!” All the children practiced buckling and unbuckling their seat belts. They laughed when Morah asked them to try it with their eyes closed, and were astonished that they were able to do it. Of course, our children know that saying Hello when getting on and Thank You when getting off is a kiddush Hashem and very much appreciated by the drivers. Thank you to Bus Driver Brenda and Michael Sperber in helping us to educate our children in bus safety.