BYQ’s first graders discovered how delicious learning can be! The girls are learning about the lifecycles of different plants. The year’s study began with the apple’s cycle for Rosh HaShanah. For the fall, they focused on pumpkins. The teachers read a book about pumpkins to introduce the life cycle of pumpkins. The first grade classes began with two essential learning questions. First, what is a pumpkin? Their next question was: “What is inside of a pumpkin?” Interestingly, many girls predicted pumpkins would have one big pit like an avocado. Surprise! Pumpkins actually have many seeds! Once the teachers opened up the pumpkin, the girls had a third question: How many seeds are inside?

The girls got a chance to feel the flesh of the pumpkin and experience some hands-on learning! Afterward, the classes made Venn diagrams to compare and contrast pumpkins and apples.

Following this informative and exciting lesson, the girls enjoyed snacking on roasted pumpkin seeds! The first graders got to have their pumpkin lesson and eat it, too!