On Tuesday, March 3, MTA talmidim in Rabbi Danto’s Freshman Shiur had the exciting opportunity to meet with Rabbi Dovid Newman, Founder of the V’Haarev Na learning program, which has revolutionized the way that yeshivah high school talmidim are learning. The program focuses on intense chazarah bir’tzifus – constant review of the material for an extended period of time with no interruptions.

Rabbi Danto’s talmidim are participating in the program and were thrilled to meet Rabbi Newman in Monsey. After hearing divrei Torah and brachah from Rabbi Newman, the talmidim learned their r’tzifus seder for more than two hours straight without stopping. Rabbi Newman was impressed by their incredible accomplishments and raffled off two sets of Shas to the shiur.

The talmidim finished the day with a s’udah sponsored by fellow talmid Avrohom Rivkin’s family, celebrating their r’tzifus seder and the completion of the first perek of Maseches Megillah. The talmidim are excited to continue learning for even longer periods of time and can’t wait for their next r’tzifus seder!