Last year, the Camp Kaylie family mourned the loss of a cherished camper, Yossy Ruttner (Yosef ben Yisrael David Leib z”l). Yossi was a longtime camper. In honor of his memory, a special mishmar learning session and kumsitz were held at Camp Kaylie, bringing together campers, staff, and loved ones to celebrate his life and continue his legacy.

To pay tribute to Yossi’s love for learning and his enduring impact, Camp Kaylie organized a special mishmar learning session in his honor. Campers and staff gathered together, bringing their enthusiasm and a sense of reverence for this beloved camper. Led by our masmidim, the mishmar learning session focused on encouraging participants to engage in thoughtful discussions, ask questions, and seek deeper meaning in their learning.

In addition to the mishmar learning session, a kumsitz, led by Duvid’l, was held in his honor. The campers and staff came together, armed with their instruments and voices, to create an uplifting and soul-stirring atmosphere.

The event became a testament to the resilience and strength of the Camp Kaylie community, who came together to support one another and cherish the memory of their beloved friend.