Blessed are You, Hashem,

In You, mercy is found;

You free the captive

You release the bound.


Sarah Imeinu

Was held captive

By a Pharaoh and a King.

Her outer beauty pleased them,

Her soul’s beauty meant nothing.

You struck both her captors,

Her greatness and honor profound;

They gave Avraham great riches,

Returned Sarah, safe and sound.


You freed Yitzchak on the altar,

Bound as a sacrifice.

The Akeidah was a test,,

Our Father’s willingness sufficed.


Yosef freed from the dungeon,

Who could see world power reaching

A slave, who stayed true

To his faith and father’s teaching?


Egypt was the iron furnace,

No slave walked out alive;

But the second You decreed,

In the blink of an eye,

Three million slaves were freed.


Please free us, Hashem,

From our worthless pursuits,

From false promises and trappings

Of the galus,

From self-imposed and other

Mental blocks and limitations,

From the false accusations

Of the wicked nations.

Please free Your Holy Land

From the enemy’s grip,

From their lies and false claims

Of ownership.

Please free Your children

From every affliction,

From prisons of the mind,

Inner suffering, and addiction.

Please uplift those bound

To a lowly station,

The lonely, the barren, the poor

Of Your Holy Nation.


Time after time,

The many deny You;

After creation, reasoning

Your involvement here is through

Faith immaterial, Insignificant

Science is what dictates world events.


But You take out the stars

And count them,

You call them all by name;

Galaxies beyond number,

Not one of them the same.

How much more so

When all’s said and done

Do You love, among Your children,

Israel, Your First-Born Son.

There’s suffering and limitation

In Your world, It’s true –

Seen In Shamayim,

By the righteous,

Their souls, at first, refused

To descend to the mayhem,

Injustice, and discord;

But they saw Your great reward

And descended, reassured.


We will one day know again

The freed Hebrew’s exaltation,

Going from the depths

To liberation

With Your herald of salvation.

May our ears soon hear the sound

When Your Kingdom is established,

Your people glory-bound.

By Sharon Marcus