Building strong relationships and encouraging shalom bayit has always been a central mission at Emet. That is especially apparent by the growing number of participants in the Couples Division. For more than 18 years, Emet has been fortunate to participate in the weddings of hundreds of students. The Couples Division aims to meet the needs of a wide range of couples – from newly engaged, to recently married, to those who are raising families. Thanks to an important sponsorship by the Yakubov family, the division’s educational and social opportunities are expanding in 2023. “We are honored to announce that the Yakubov family has generously partnered with us to support key couples workshops and events this year,” said Shay Yonaiev, Couples Director. “Emet’s incredible couples have always been a source of pride and a priority for us because they represent our ultimate goal, which is building Jewish families. We would like to thank Alex and Anna Yakubov and their children Oren and Mira, Michael, and Yuri for sharing in our vision and enabling Emet to have a greater impact in the community.”

The Yakubov family’s sponsorship is especially meaningful because it is dedicated in memory of their father and grandfather, Natan Yakubov. Natan was beloved for his honesty, devotion to his family, and respect for his lineage. He was born in Turkestan, Kazakhstan, in 1924, to Shamayo and Kiseo. Shamayo was a renowned mohel in the Bukharian community. Natan married Zinaida Yakubova in 1948. They had four children.  Natan was a humble man who always showed kindness and was not materialistic. While living under the communist regime, he tried his best to maintain his Jewish beliefs. Natan’s legacy of embracing family is seen in the example he set for his descendants who now live in America. They have followed in his footsteps by reviving Jewish traditions and giving as much as they can to the Jewish community. “My family is proud to support Emet’s Couples Division in memory of my grandfather,” said Oren Yakubov. “Family was everything to him and a happy family starts with a strong couple. We believe in Emet’s work to build Jewish families and we look forward to helping them provide more programs for the community.”

As part of this sponsorship, Emet will significantly expand its private classes that offer couples one-on-one advice before important milestones. Currently private classes are given before marriage and will now include additional key moments like before the first child is born. Emet will also provide more Torah-oriented marriage and parenting workshops to empower couples with the tools to create shalom bayit in their homes. There are plans to increase couples’ social initiatives like the popular cooking classes and Melave Malka.  As the Couples Division grows, Emet is now in the position to bring in new couples who were not alumni of Emet’s campus programs but can benefit at this stage. “Over the past year I’ve seen couples on various levels participate in our programs geared for them. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on how these valuable programs have enriched their marriages and personal lives.” Shay explained. “I look forward to continued success with the Couples Division and thank the Yakubov family for their support.” May the expansion of the Emet Couples Division and its impact on the community be a merit for Natan Yakubov and the entire Yakubov family.