Ezra Academy energizes their students at every opportunity. The summer series, now in its fourth year, utilizes the talents and energy of all their faculty to keep learning alive in the summertime. For the students who attend Ezra Academy during the school year, and those that have attended previously and sometimes even those who have recently been accepted as students, the summer lectures are an opportunity to keep students invigorated about Torah learning and observance of mitzvah. It gives the opportunity for students to consult face to face with their rebbeim and moros as well as other members of the staff who serve as mentors.

The evenings are sponsored by the fans of the program and community members who believe in the Ezra Energy. This past week, lecture #2 was led by a popular morah (thank you, Mrs. Forman) and the never-tiring Rabbi Diamond, who spearheads the whole program (thank you again, Rabbi Diamond).

As week #3 lectures are being prepared, the participants all know that Ezra remains dedicated to engaging and energizing all their students.