To Be’er Hagolah Institutes

“As I walked the halls of BHI, the sound of children learning, smiling and connecting was exhilarating”, Ms. Adina Fendel says. “Creating a safe, happy environment for kids to learn in is of utmost importance to me, and I was so happy to see this permeating the halls of BHI. I am truly looking forward to being a part of this amazing team”. 

Ms. Fendel is the renowned “Morah Fendel” who spent 18 years teaching in YCQ. Simultaneously, she is the women’s director of Emet Outreach – both of these positions have made her intimately familiar and connected with the Queens community.

Next year she will be joining Be’er Hagolah as the Judaic Studies Educational Coordinator for Elementary School.

Rabbi Mordechai German, Dean of BHI, says, “We are thrilled to bring on Morah Fendel as the Elementary School Judaic Studies Educational Coordinator. Morah Fendel joins BHI at an exciting time as we continue to realize our vision of building a BHI that helps ensure a bright future for all our students.”

Academic Success Comes from Warmth

“We live in a confusing world,” says Ms. Fendel.

“Our children are searching for structure and love.”

Ms. Fendel’s goal as a teacher has always been to build children with success.

“Children should feel cool for succeeding, not acting out,” she says.

“They need a structured classroom filled with love and positive reinforcement. They should feel happy to go to school, that school is a safe place for them.”

And this is exactly what Be’er Hagolah parents want.

“My kids have gone from having to go to school to wanting to go to school. They’re waiting for it,” says BHI parent Victoria Kol.

If any of her kids have a problem, their rabbi is on call to solve it.

In the beginning, I was very concerned because I thought that in public school, the academic level is higher. But I was wrong – they really care about the academic status. Be’er Hagolah students are ready to graduate and go to college,” Victoria says.

“I think when kids learn how to respect parents and respect the rabbis, it affects their whole life. They just think twice before they do something. It’s a very loving and caring environment. It’s just a second family.”

A Solid Education in a Safe Environment

“What makes Be’er Hagolah attractive to parents is that they know their children are getting a solid education in a safe environment,” says Rabbi Mordechai German, Dean of Be’er Hagolah.

“They learn and are safe,” says Zina Khaimov, a BHI parent.

“They’re around their own people, and they feel love from the rebbeim and teachers. My son in high school has his favorite rabbis that he could just go over and talk to – you don’t get that in public school.”

Ready to Take on the World

Most BHI parents want their children to be educated, attend college, and embark on professional careers. Their children get that in BHI – but they also get much more.

“It’s not just that they’re ready for college,” Michael Nisanov, a BHI father, says.

“It’s that they’re ready to take on the world, whether it’s college, whether it’s going into business – whatever they want to do, they’re ready for it.”

That’s exactly what Rabbi German is aiming for.

“A graduate of Be’er Hagolah will be not only college-ready, but also life-ready,” Rabbi German says.

He believes that a strong education must include a focus on the social and emotional growth of the child. And every day, his staff builds an incredible support system to give over personal and life skills to each student.

“In the morning, sometimes I bring my son here, and I see Rabbi German standing in front of the school greeting the children,” says Erit Semah, another BHI parent.

“They really care about giving them values – family values – and teaching them middot tovot,” she says.

Inspiring Students to Go Further

“Be’er Hagolah actually offers the great combination of religious and secular education,” says BHI parent Daniel Lerner.

“Coming from a Communist country, I could never imagine that my kids could be obtaining an education which is much superior to any secular education. They’re really inspiring students to further advance education in different areas.”

Just about every BHI student goes on to college, and many become professionals in the career of their choice. Graduates are going to nursing school, PA school, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dentists and lawyers.

This is the pride of BHI.

By Chani Kahan