Each year, Rabbi Weichselbaum, Menahel, along with the assistant principals of the elementary and middle school, select a midah that will become the Bnos Malka Theme of the Year. The midah is emphasized and will be incorporated in as many aspects of the school day as possible. Instead of merely glossing over the importance of the selected theme, it becomes reinforced in countless ways.

This year, the school has selected the midah of Shalom. Each month, they explore an aspect of Shalom and develop a deeper sensitivity on how to achieve it, in real practical terms.

During Cheshvan, Events Coordinator Chavi Ribowsky has planned a month-long contest where girls must demonstrate tolerance, a critical component in achieving shalom with others. “Week 1, we will be learning to train our minds to react to a situation appropriately by placing ourselves in a positive mindset by taking a step back and assessing the situation. In week 2, the girls will learn different techniques to deal with situations appropriately. We will use techniques like mindfulness, breathing, and finding the positive in the scenario. And in Weeks 3 and 4, we will pull the two steps together and then figure out the best way to approach the person one may be having a hard time with.