A memorable week in Yeshiva Toras Halacha started with a Thanksgiving morning of learning with talmidim, alumni, their fathers, and the Chazaq Beis Midrash. Rabbi Yechiel Benari and Rabbi Michael Mansour welcomed the full house to a special morning of learning. Rabbi Moshe Sokoloff then delivered the featured shiur, titled “The Study of Kabbalah: When and How?”

He touched on every aspect of this riveting topic, and echoed the approach to all sugyos learned in yeshivah on a daily basis: from the Gemara up to the practical halachah l’maaseh. All attendees were treated to a hot milchig brunch following the shiur.

The next Wednesday featured a Chanukah mesibah in their rebbe’s house with z’miros, divrei Torah, and a chazarah game of the z’man’s limudim so far.

For more information or to enroll for the upcoming winter z’man, call Rabbi Yechiel Benari at 917-600-2486 and/or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.