After a successful launch of the Purple Fellowship last year, Shalom Task Force (STF) is excited to announce that applications are now open for the next cohort of fellows. The Purple Fellowship is open to high school juniors and seniors interested in growing into leadership roles in the Jewish community. Fellows attend nine-week intensive training programs that cover important topics including domestic violence, abuse in the Jewish community, boundaries, and being an upstander, as well as advocacy and fundraising skills. Students develop skills to become active community leaders. One fellow shared that “the Purple Fellowship taught me so much about a topic I knew nothing about. It has inspired me to continue to spread awareness and the importance of being a leader in my community.”

Purple Fellows gain an extensive understanding of domestic abuse and healthy relationships while learning vital leadership skills. The fellowship culminates with the participants planning a Go Purple Day school-wide program. One student noted that “Before Go Purple Day, I knew almost nothing about domestic abuse. The day did a great job at raising awareness. I can’t wait to apply to the next cohort!”

Last year, the Purple Fellows successfully reached 7,600 high school students from 23 schools in the United States and Canada through Go Purple Day. “When I started the Purple Fellowship, I was nervous for Go Purple Day, since I have never planned an event before. Through the trainings, I not only learned the skills to plan Go Purple Day, but learned skills that will help me throughout my life.”

The first year of the Purple Fellowship was a spectacular success. The program was awarded a Purple Ribbon Award medallion in the category of Outstanding Youth Initiative of the Year by the Theresa’s Fund and In April 2021, the Hadassah Foundation awarded STF a grant to support this work for the next two years. “While we were so thrilled about the success of the pilot year, having the recognition on a national stage is both extremely gratifying and exciting,” said Dr. Shoshannah Frydman, Executive Director, Shalom Task Force

The application for the Purple Fellowship is now live on the Shalom Task Force website. To learn more and to apply, please visit

Shalom Task Force has been offering support and education to the Jewish community since 1993. Shalom Task Force’s Education Department has seen a record number workshop attendance during the 2020-21 academic year. In total, the STF Education Department has reached over 13,000 community members through our education awareness workshop. If you or your loved one has questions or concerns about relationships or are currently in an unhealthy or abusive relationship – we are here for you. Please call, text, or WhatsApp the confidential Shalom Task Force Hotline at 888-883-2323 or chat with a live advocate at