Next Wednesday evening, in the backyard of Kew Gardens Hills residents Shmuel and Rivka Kazarnovsky, Avi Cyperstein will be welcoming friends and neighbors to an important fundraiser.

This June, District 29’s City Council Member Karen Koslowitz’s seat is up in the air, and Avi has joined the list of candidates vying for the position. With over 70 community leaders standing behind him, Avi’s support is quickly building. The fundraiser is an opportunity to learn more about Avi’s vision and direction for Queens.

Queens residents are never shy to voice their opinions, and neither is Avi. This fundraiser is part of a national campaign to raise awareness and build funding for American Jewry to have a lasting impact. New York politics are watched nationally, and this race is sure to be a focal point.

The race for a new City Council Member in the neighborhoods of Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Richmond Hill is an opportunity to have your voice heard. Some contenders in the race for the vacant District 29 City Council seat have amassed huge war chests. The Jewish Queens community also has the chance to deliver a strong message of resilience and hope.

Avi spent years learning in mainstream yeshivas in New York and Eretz Yisrael. He then went on to make his mark in the professional world. From Bava Kama, to healthcare, to Chaveirim and Hatzalah, Avi has made a difference in his community.

Over his career, Avi has developed a deep appreciation for our seniors while managing two assisted living facilities and spending years providing much-needed medical services for the elderly. Caring for others remains central to Avi’s persona; he’s always seeking new ways to ease the burdens on others. Volunteerism is second nature for Avi, who selflessly brought Chaveirim’s auto assist efforts to our community and is a longtime dedicated member of the local Hatzolah.

Friends and neighbors who want their Jewish standards restored and yearn to once again walk about freely may benefit from attending the Wednesday program. If you feel yeshivas are at risk of losing funding and that your religious and ethical liberties are hanging in the balance, you may want to hear more about Avi’s vision for Queens.

Visit  to join Wednesday’s event, either safely in person or virtually. Donations are matched eight to one.

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 By Shabsie Saphirstein