My Lone Soldier, you’ll always be

The dearest thing in life to me.

I blinked to find, that you had grown,

Blinked again and found,

My eagle had flown

To the heart of G-d’s Universe,


To make aliyah, letting faith prevail.


It couldn’t have been easy,

But you managed somehow.

You were just a boy then,

But look at you now!

Your gaze is steady,

Your smile true and warm,

Standing straight and proud,

In uniform.


As a kid, you were “Sure Shot,”

Your aim hit the mark.

Your words, too, hit the bull’s eye,

Pinpointing the spark.

You were so thrilled when you learned,

To swim and bike ride –

Saw that you could do it,

If only you tried.


Liked friends’ sleepovers,

At our house, or theirs,

And trips to wherever,

Forgetting our cares!

Punk rocker, rogue ninja

At Purim time,

Always helping those in doubt,

With wisdom condign.


May your caring and kindness,

Earn you respect.

May Hashem bless you

And the Land you protect.

May you not suffer hunger or thirst,

May your judgment continue

To put the truth first.


Lands and oceans, time and tide,

Span between us, but won’t divide

My soul from yours.

Each time I pray,

I’ll know you’re not so far away.


Merciful Father, You heard me pray

For a kid to love,

Six years, day after day.

So happy and thankful,

You gave us this child.

I cried when he cried,

My heart soared when he smiled!


Merciful Father,

Please watch over him.

Please light his way

When darkness sets in.

Keep him far from danger,

And farther from sin.

Give him strength to keep going,

And courage, within.


Please keep Your sons hidden,

From the enemies’ sight.

But, lend them perfect vision,

As they watch in the night.

Please carry them all

Safe in Your Palm,

Like Your first Lone Soldier,


By Sharon Marcus