On Tuesday, September 20, Central held its annual Great Round Challah Bake. The challah bake is an event that many at Central have come to eagerly anticipate – a chance for students, faculty, and staff to bake, bond, and prepare for the upcoming holiday. Over 200 members of the Central community attended, and the crowds of mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, alumnae, and even incoming eighth graders made for a bustling, dynamic evening.

The night began with a dinner sponsored by NCSY 4g. The meal was followed by a special guest speaker, Mrs. Mirlana Morris, the mother of Donny Morris a”h, who was lost in the 2021 Meron tragedy. Mrs. Morris spoke movingly about drawing strength from the Jewish community in the wake of her loss, making an impact on all who attended.

“Our first event of the semester, and it was such a significant way to start a year of 75th anniversary celebrations for Central,” said Central Dean of Students Mrs. Aliza Gewirtz. Junior Talia Frankel, a member of Central’s cooking club, agreed: “The challah bake was both fun and meaningful,” she said. “We got to have extra bonding time with our families and friends, baking challah to bring in the chagim. We also got the privilege of hearing from Mrs. Morris about the tragedy that occurred to her son, which put a more inspirational turn to the event, teaching us about emunah.”

This event was made possible with the assistance of Central’s cooking club and the Central programming team. Many thanks to them, and a hearty thanks to Mrs. Gewirtz, whose leadership and coordination made the evening a success, with over 250 people in attendance!