Yachad Long Island is officially back in session! Coming back from the summer, we kicked off our year with Karate Nite at Warren Levi Karate. The enthusiastic staff gave an entertaining and confidence-building fitness class and our Yachad members are high school students really enjoyed it. We ended the event with a delicious assortment of healthy snacks and optimal drinks. Our Karate Nites continue once a month in Cedarhurst, with upcoming sessions in November and December! Also on Sundays are our warm Sunday Morning Learning Program with Rabbi Friedman at Ohr Torah. We offer a minyan, breakfast and learning for members and local teens in a close-knit environment every Sunday. This past Sukkos, we decorated the Sukkah with the Young Israel of North Woodmere Youth Group by creating handmade colorful decorations and then attaching them onto the Sukkah! And as always, food was provided for all! We also offered a Chol Hamoed Sukkos trip to Six Flags and provided our own van which our Yachad members really enjoyed. The members truly enjoyed the experience in the van socializing and in the action-filled theme park! It was a full day event with rides and fun! Alternating Tuesdays, we consistently host our Pizza and Parsha event at Pizzale in Cedarhurst and our Bowl-a-Rama event at Woodmere Lanes. Pizza and Parsha is super-fun and heavily-attended, as we socialize, eat and learn parshah! The evening includes a trivia sheet, an interactive game and delicious pizza. Bowl-a-Rama is really exciting as our members enjoy working on their bowling form and skill while enjoying the company of the group of people around. We cheer each other on and have a very enjoyable time. At the end, we wash our hands and delight on a hot dinner with gluten free options as well! Recently, we added our Girls Night Out event at SKA High School for Girls. The GNO was a full house with tons of high school girls joining with our members for a paint nite!

The school provided a wonderful space and opportunity for our members to socialize while doing a fun activity. Additionally, we had dinner together and took home our beautiful projects. For the boys, Mishmar has officially begun for the year at DRS High School for Boys! We had a great turnout where our members joined with high school peers to interact and build meaningful bonds learning Torah and fostering a comfortable environment with soul and stomach nourishment! Follow us @_yachadLi or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to stay updated!