“It’s 24/7 and 12 months a year.” That’s how Yaniv Meirov, CEO of Chazaq, describes the operations of the organization.

While many families went away for the summer, Chazaq lectures and events kept going strong as they organized dozens of classes throughout the tri-state area, inspiring hundreds of men and women.

Chazaq’s main mission and goal have always been to inspire local public school students and instill in them the love and connection to their beautiful Jewish heritage. Indeed, in order to make this happen, Chazaq’s Jwave Teens Division and Shaping Lives children’s school, had a combined average of seven hours of daily programming during the summer months. “From teaching them the Alef-Beis to learning Mishnayos, to having exciting trips and activities, we were able to strengthen the learning skills and Jewish connection for hundreds of public school students over the past two months.”

With the summer months also comes Chazaq’s renowned registration drive, where they have a team of dedicated staff who reach out to parents of public school students and show them the beauty of a Jewish education. “Baruch Hashem, over 180 students started the 2019 school year in yeshivah, thanks to the tireless work of Chazaq’s dedicated staff at the PSTY (Public School to Yeshivah) division,” said Meirov. “People think that transferring kids to yeshivah is a piece of cake. But they don’t realize the challenges involved. From assuring that they are prepared to enter a yeshivah setting, to convincing the mother and the father and then the child. Then we need to find the right yeshivah, which is a major task, and our staff can drive parents down to numerous different yeshivos before they find the “one.” And once that is done and the child is registered, then comes the financial assistance that is offered by numerous wonderful organizations. Bottom line, a lot of time and energy goes into this, with some cases taking well over a year or two.”

Now that the school year rolled in, so does Chazaq’s numerous after-school programs for public school students of all ages. “We are back at it for another year: educating our youth about their heritage and planting the seeds that will sprout into beautiful fruits in the very near future.”

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