On Tuesday evening, January 5, PUAH live-streamed an extraordinary webinar that felt like a clear message straight from Hashem. Some of us are nervous and unsure about the vaccine for COVID-19. Various reports have frightened us. This evidence-based amazing webinar, with two medical expert speakers, removed the doubts and brought clarity and direction.

Coach Menachem offered his 33 interactive shiur hosted by Chazaq and TorahAnytime, featuring Matis Miller, LCSW, ACT, DBT-LBC, Founder, Director, and Supervisor of the Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of New Jersey. Hundreds watched this hands-on shiur live, where many were able to email or call in important questions and receive practical, beneficial advice from an expert. Matis Miller referenced his new book, The Uncontrollable Child, which is filled with valuable strategies, skills, and ideas to help parents on their journey of raising their children. The strategies and skills taught are helpful for any relationship.

Coach Menachem’s 33 virtual shiur of Let’s Get Real featured Rabbi Benzion Twerski, rav of Congregation Beth Yehuda and founding member of the Milwaukee Kollel, on Sunday evening, December 27. First, Coach Menachem shared that “we need to change our mindset and do things mindfully. That can be a challenge.” Next, he introduced Rabbi Twerski who responded to the question of what are we aiming for in life? He imparted that according to Sefer Toldos Yaakov Yosef, a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov, the goal of Torah and mitzvos is d’veikus in Hashem – connecting to our Creator. Underlying everything we do there has to be a connection to Hashem.” The S’fas Emes taught that “knowing that we have the privilege to connect to an Infinite Creator should lead a person to incredible joy.” It is worth it for a person to come to this world and suffer all the tzaros in order to perform just one mitzvah.

Rabbi Avraham Nissanian, well-known speaker, shared a life-changing shiur on behalf of Eshel Avraham on Monday evening, December 28, on the subject of “Breaking Bad Habits.” “It is so hard to break a bad habit that we think there is no way to do it. Habits become so rooted that we don’t think about the needs of others.” He taught that “G-d created human beings with the ability to change their nature.”

On Sunday evening, December 13, Chazaq, TorahAnytime, EmetOutreach, Thank You Hashem, and Ohr Naava hosted the third annual Night of Gratitude event with inspiring, uplifting speakers l’ilui nishmas Sarah Yuta a”h bas Ephraim Menachem Mendel v’Dinah she’yichyu (Sarit Marton a”h) – 14th yahrzeit (28 Kislev).