A Memorial Day Poem 

The wet, salty tear

Falls down from the dry, soft cheek

With sadness, sorrow, and feeling.

Showing how much we care for the people

Who risked their lives for us.


The people who fought in the war

Left their place in the world,

Just being themselves and defending everyone

From the enemy.


The guns shooting, the bombs exploding,

The soldiers yelling,

The waves crashing,

Then people celebrating

About war that they just won.


The people who didn’t make it

Won’t be able to grow old with their family,

Won’t see the sunrise in the morning

Or the sunset in the evening.



The sacrifice that they made was a risk to take;

The soldiers gave up all those things

Just so we could have a

Free country and a free life.


I’m grateful for the people

Who risked their lives for us;

Even though they didn’t know me,

I’m still grateful that they gave up their lives for me.


By Ella Dulitz