Unique collaboration seeks to expand sales and customers for Israeli products

Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, in cooperation with the Ministry’s attachés in New York, has unveiled a unique collaboration with the American Communities Helping Israel (ACHI) organization to expand the circle of customers and sales of Israeli manufacturers with a “Made in Israel” label in the US and Canadian markets.

The ACHI has launched a dedicated sales platform for the products, and the collaboration encourages members of Jewish and pro-Israel communities in the US and Canada to purchase products manufactured in Israel and thus support employment in Israel and strengthen the Israeli economy.

The platform is being promoted and marketed by the ACHI under the slogan “Think Israel, Buy Israeli,” which encourages target audiences, Jewish communities, and pro-Israel communities in North America to prioritize Israeli businesses and products.

The head of Israel’s New York Economic Attaché Anat Katz stated that “the project with ACHI is an important activity for the promotion of Israeli products in the United States, especially vis-à-vis Jewish and pro-Israel communities, and is of great synergistic value to the activities attached to this sector.”

Joining the activity as a blue-and-white manufacturer is free of charge. But it is conditional on the Israeli business having a permit to mark products with a “Made in Israel” label, with the contract being made directly between the manufacturer and ACHI. Businesses must have an English-language ecommerce site and be able to ship their products to the US and Canada.

ACHI was founded in 2004, during the Second Intifada. Based in Monsey, ACHI’s website makes it possible for Americans to order made-in-Israel jewelry, cosmetics, pottery, Judaica, candies, hats, wines, kippot, books, and toys from more than 100 merchants.

World Israel News staff contributed to this report.

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