“And if her father will revoke [the neder] the day that he hears all of the vows and prohibitions that she placed on herself, they [the vows] will not stand, and Hashem will forgive her because her father annulled them.”

BaMidbar 30:6

One of most tragic events in the history of our people was the sin of the M’raglim (the Spies). When we left Mitzrayim, we were exalted and untouchable, feared by all the nations, respected by the world. Forty-nine days later, we gathered at the foot of Har Sinai to accept the Torah. The plan was for the Chosen People to then march right into Eretz Yisrael. Had the events transpired as planned, the conquest would have taken root so deeply that we never would have been thrown out – to this day, we would still be in our land.