Ha’m’chdeish b’tuvo b’chol yom tamid maasei b’reishis

In His goodness He renews daily, perpetually, the work of creation


There are those who believe that Hashem created the world and has the ability to destroy it at will. However, they maintain that the world otherwise continues on its own through the initial powers that Hashem created. The Sh’lah HaKadosh, in his siddur, writes that this statement in the tefilah refutes that heretical view. “Tamid” means that Hashem is constantly and continuously renewing the world. If He removed His “hand” for even a moment, the world would cease to exist. Similarly, HaRav Chaim Volozhin writes that “tamid” means “b’chol eis v’rega” – at every time and moment.

The word “b’tuvo (in His goodness)” means that Hashem is renewing the world through His chesed even when we don’t deserve it. Hashem’s goodness and lovingkindness are therefore bestowed upon us at every moment of our lives. If we are breathing and the world is continuing, that is only a result of Hashem’s constant chesed. Each morning, we recite the pasuk in T’hilim of “Kol ha’neshamah t’hallel Kah (Let all souls praise Hashem).” The Midrash teaches us that a person is obligated to praise Hashem for every breath. We take approximately one breath every four seconds, while our hearts beat roughly one or more times per second. Perhaps we can apply this phrase not just to the Sun, the Moon, the wind, and the world at large, but to our very selves, as well. We too would cease to exist if Hashem did not constantly renew our ability to breathe. We therefore must praise and thank Hashem for every breath and for every second of life.

We recite many brachos daily. Each and every one is a most precious opportunity and gift from Hashem. The word “baruch” is in essence conveying this very praise and thanks. The word “baruch” stems, according to many, from the word “breichah,” a wellspring. The dictionary definition of “wellspring” is “source of continual supply.” This is precisely what “tamid” means. Hashem is the source of continual supply of all blessing.

“Baruch Atah means You Hashem (The word “Atah” in a sense is the most important word in a brachah: We are permitted to directly address Hashem because we are speaking to Him and He is listening to every word and thought as we say the words) are the source of continual supply of all blessings (in the world and in my life).

Reciting our 100 brachos with mind and heart, reverence and love, gratitude and simchah – brings peace, compassion, and all kinds of additional flow of blessing to the world(s) and to ourselves. May we merit to continue to improve our mindfulness and deepen feelings of love and gratitude as we fulfill our role as agents of the ultimate “Meitiv (Beneficent One),” to bring a steady flow of compassion, peace, and blessing to the world(s) through each and every brachah, b’ezras Hashem.


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