Dear Alice,

Now that it is summer we go away for Shabbos a lot. I am not really comfortable toting along my own bag of Shabbos food. Could you give me some general guidelines for a successful Shabbos without requiring me to cook completely separate or bring all my own food? Thanks!


Vacationing and Dieting

Dear Vacationer,

I love your question because it shows the beauty of being on a food plan that is an actual lifestyle change rather than a diet. Yes, you can go away for Shabbos, eat the food that is served, and not sabotage your diet! Here are some general guidelines to go by. First, keep in mind that at most catered Shabbosim, as well as in most homes, you will be served a combination of good and bad foods. Your job is to choose the best from the choices available to you. Although every home serves slightly different food, use the chart on the right as a general guide.

Just by taking a look down the left column, and then the right, you can see that the difference between the two is dramatic. Choose from the left column whenever possible. 

Second, keep in mind portion control! Even when choosing the better options, they should be eaten in moderation so as not to consume too many calories.

Third, it may be worth your while to pack along snacks that help you stay away from high-calorie junk. If you are on our plan you are familiar with our TAP products that are not only healthy and nutritious, but keep you from feeling deprived. Enjoy your Shabbos getaway!








mayo-based dips


gefilte fish, herring

grilled or baked chicken

fried chicken

pickles and cucumber salad

cole slaw



cold cuts

kishke, galla, etc.


ice cream and cake

fresh fruit

nuts and dried fruit