Friends: I have missed you all. Thank you so much for your loyal support and connection. I have been involved in projects and needed a break. A trainer taught me that rest in between sets – intervals - is part of progress. I have made much progress in many areas of my life gratefully and I have also taken a few steps backwards. I learned to accept “relapse is part of recovery.” Resisting or forcing anything is ineffective. I was controlled, hushed, and rushed most of my life.  Those days are over, thankfully!

A rabbi said that “passion” is the antidote to apathy/delay. Passion comes naturally to me and has been passed on to my brood. Some have to arouse passion in themselves. What excites a person is visible in their choices. Actions speak volumes louder than words, promises, or excuses. Where there is a spiritual void, no social media/distraction/food/film or “next” in the world can fill it. A rav called lack of emotional intelligence “emotional poverty,” “compromised,” an “impairment.” Oy, how sad. Prisoners of the past. Those are the folks who live with the “rinse and repeat” illness. I know because I was one of them. Until I didn’t. Until I learned to “live fully” in the “present.” In my younger years my passion was misdirected. Now it is crystal clear and applied to meaningful pursuits bearing fruit on a daily basis consistently.

A working order without structure, direction, and purpose is impossible and dysfunctional. Living without love is incomprehensible to me. The desire and ability to give and receive is a basic need. Those who choose to deprive themselves or others are aiming to control. It is a delusion/Band-Aid. We are not in control. Look around.  Widows/widowers who still have an open heart willing to love again have taught me that every moment matters. There are no guarantees. We lose people daily. I have been through the ringer the past few months. I’ve witnessed others’ struggles, addictions, teenage antics, children in adult’s bodies, and more. How was the past year? How will the next be? What is our plan? Are we praying for health, love, success, and time? Useful time? Because time is the greatest asset which is irreplaceable.

Let’s love ourselves more. Get our glow back on. Hashem sends us custom messages and messengers. Don’t dismiss them. The sweet woman who helps me clean delivered a profound message to my teenager on a train platform. Hashem sent me a perfect clear as day message about something I need to put closure on which was long overdue. The message was perfect in content, timing and delivery. Crystal clear. I took immediate action. Thank you, Hashem! Part of success is controlling our desires as well as pushing ourselves to be our best - even when we don’t feel like it.  I am successful. I’ve accomplished a lot, consciously and preventively. More importantly I can access tools instead of reacting. Not same-old like a parrot. This takes practice. I have heard people tell stories, puff themselves up, and lie repeatedly.  There is already a disconnect where chronic lies occur. Best to hang with the proven team players. Together. Neighbors, family, friends, strangers - my goodness, I have been surrounded with love. People who want to give back to me. Once we realize our worth, opportunities come like a magnet. Take them. Thank you, Hashem. Don’t wait. Shut off the phones and computers; be present. Connect in real-time. Clear the mind. It is liberating.

There’s a book called It’s so much work to be your friend. Sometimes people simply do not fit; they are not aligned. Relationships can build and energize us or G-d-forbid drain and damage us. Choose carefully. Let go of anything standing in our way. Pray for it. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and Hashem. 

The past few days I was determined to increase my ruchnius. My son (Joey Newcomb) leading the slichos helped. I never saw anything like that - his music, passion, and the crowd’s response. Thank you, Hashem! This past Shabbos I viewed it as “The last Shabbos,” which enhanced every part of that 25 hours. Looking back, it indeed was the last Shabbos in some ways.

There is a time and place for everything.  Let go of what holds us back. Be ourselves. Rabbi Feiner said on Rosh HaShanah it’s said: Will the real you please stand up! Take off the mask. There’s a book called The Angry smile - an example of a particularly dangerous mask. I cherish all who have been part of my journey till now. As some missions have ended, I release those and wish them well truly. If at all possible to learn from other’s mistakes, I beg you now to please: Don’t wait. Ever. After the holidays, I am available for coaching, encouraging, and guiding with Simchas Hachaim and boundless enthusiasm.  Allow me to help you activate and stay the course. I have been asked to build a program or business like this by experts, admirers, professionals, and leaders. They say my experience is worth more than their degrees.  I put it off. The delay is over. Ready or not. Thank you, Hashem!

Some have told me they dread the holidays because they are alone. I admit I do not know what that is like, though I have not yet been blessed to find my chapter 2 life partner by my own choice and with good reason. I feel blessed beyond measure to go into the Holy Days surrounded by my loving children and grandchildren, family, true friends, and mentors! I will be away for most of the yomim tovim including out of state but anytime I am here, I welcome anyone who wants to join! That includes all Shabbosim, weekdays, and anytime. For those who plan (not hope) to get out of the cesspool, call me. Disclaimer: True motivation required. Formal commitment necessary. I am results-oriented and focused on goals. If you align with those values, welcome aboard.  Whoever said life was supposed to be easy? Let’s write your story together - and live it. Make this your last holiday alone.  I have chosen to make my own life, My Greatest Show. A real show. In action. One day at a time. Purpose, plan, perform, and persistently/proactively prevent (detours). Thank you, Hashem for everything! Everything I have, everyone in my life, the crunch of the pickle (see my son Joey Newcomb’s music on CD/YouTube), allowing me to use my superpowers (including ADHD) to fulfill my mission and touch (literally and figuratively) so many others.

New Year’s resolutions: To hear and be heard. To connect deeply. Quality over quantity. To actively listen and patiently hear what is being conveyed. The feeling underneath. The body language. My Dad just sent me a stunning email; I feel his love through the words. “Dear Darling Sarah: You express love - I have received it. I’ve got a million hugs with your name on it and one enclosed with this email.” I am the luckiest duck on the planet. In the past one hour alone, I have been told “I love you” by at least a dozen people - who all mean it! I felt it! There’s nothing better! You will know when a real connection has taken place. And when it does, cherish it. Friends, I have plenty to spare and share as I Pray to be the best Sarah possible! 

Wishing all a beautiful and meaningful Rosh HaShanah. Kew Gardens Hills community: You are the best! The outpouring of love, help, and care has touched me so deeply. My prayer is to continue to be able to give back as we grow together. A real team, being mevater in actions, counting on each other, We really are all in this together! Thrive! Know you are enough! You matter – that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever learned!

Bio: Sarah Shalek (Newcomb), and family/Team are NY State Licensed Realtors for over 17 years serving all areas in the five boroughs and Long Island. They hold several specialty certifications and are members of the Long Island Board of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service of Queens and Long Island, having won multiple awards from RE/Max NY and RE/Max International. They make their home in and are proud long-time members of the Kew Gardens Hills community. Contact information: Direct cell: 917-459-7549. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Website:  Coming soon: Your